Friday, December 6, 2013

Tips for Making Money From Home

Whether you just like being at home, or are housebound due to family or work commitments or disabilities, there are literally scores of ways to up your income from the comfort of your own home – without having to do much in the way of work. Learn how to make money from home by decluttering, reclaiming, getting cash back and renting out your goods with these simple yet easy tips.

·         Firstly, make the money that you do have work harder for you. Put your savings into high interest rate accounts or ISAs, switch to cash back debit and credit cards, ensure that you are receiving all of your entitlements when it comes to state benefits and pensions and if you are particularly savvy with money, you can get interest on your earnings by saving them and spending on a 0% interest card instead.

·         Sell what you can. Go onto auction websites and flog clothes, unwanted or unused gadgets, jewelry, furniture and virtually anything else you can think of. This way, you get to declutter your home whilst making profits, too!

·         Don't forget that you can sell or trade in old books, CDs and DVDs, too. Textbooks for school and college are particularly valuable, but you can also easily sell books, CDs and DVDs by popular authors, singers and actors very easily.

Get paid for your opinion.·         Find objects at antique fairs, flea markets and car boot sales and sell them on. If you have a good eye and can spot a bargain, you could potentially earn a lot of money by buying items very cheaply and selling them on. You can earn the largest amount of money by selling on items that are particularly old. Look for Victoriana furniture and art deco pieces, as they tend to sell really well. Don't forget to look for vintage clothing, too – there's a potentially huge market for it.

·         Got a story that you think lots of people would want to hear? Or do you want to inspire people? Sell your story. It's easier than you might think, too. Magazines are often willing to pay a huge amount of money if they can publish your story, whilst others will pay for funny photos or snippets. Contact magazines directly for the best rates.

·         Rent out goods. If you have a spare bedroom and can take in a lodger, do so. If you live in the centre of town and have a potentially valuable parking space, you could even rent that. You can also rent out spare storage space, if you have it, such as in your loft space or even in your garden shed. And if your home is particularly pretty, you might even be able to rent it out as a film location!

·         If you're a bit of a shopaholic, one of the simplest ways of making money online is to sign up to cashback websites. Buying through a cashback website, instead of directly from a website, could help you earn between 2-5% per purchase. You can also earn money by clicking through from certain sites when you want to make a purchase like car insurance, and by registering your credit or debit card online with certain cashback sites, earn cashback when you shop in store too. In store cashback can be anywhere from 4-12%, which is a huge percentage, particularly for high ticket purchases.

·         Have a think about what you're good at. Love crafts? Making jams? Chutneys? Or are you a dab hand at sewing? Trade on your skills and make people happy at the same time by setting up a little cottage industry from your home. Enquire with your local council if you want to sell food or drink goods as these may require certain permissions and inspections.

Making money from home is easier than you might think. Making your money work harder can be more lucrative than you could ever imagine – and so could renting and selling your goods.

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